Littlemico® Copenhagen is an upscale brand focused on mothers and their babies that was founded on the principles of uniqueness, safety, and a minimalistic design that is sleek and simple.

With its roots in Denmark going back to early 2010, Littlemico® Copenhagen was founded by "Mom & Dad" while attempting to fill a need of their own.  This led to an idea that has changed their lives.  During the Eight years since its inception, Littlemico® has provided products with Scandinavian safety, care, high quality and style to parents who love the modern design and practicality. What drives us to create and develop our products is the fact that parents and their babies love owning and using them.  Because we want our customers to enjoy superb quality and value, our products are primarily made in Europe with renowned manufacturers and under strict regulations.

Why we chose Littlemico® as the Brand Name?

We wanted to create a catchy brand name, something different, yet relevant to the brand.  The name Mico is borrowed from the cute and loving "Mico Leao Dourado", or "Golden Lion Tamarin" of Brazil where one of the co-founder lived as a child.  This tiny cuddly monkey is found uniquely in Brazil and it cuddles its young carrying them everywhere just like human mothers with their babies.

More on Littlemico® brand, the story

A long time ago, in the jungles of Rio de Janeiro, a boy went on an exciting school trip to a natural reserve to see some rare animals. It was during this trip that the boy encountered the “Mico Leão Dourado” golden lion tamarin, a fascinating species of small monkey that loves to cuddle its youngsters and carry them all the time. This species is very rare and is only found in a few protected areas in Rio De Janeiro mostly. On this trip, the boy was forever touched by these caring animals.

This encounter was engraved in his memory for life. Afterwards, he repeatedly returned to the reserve to visit and play with his little friends.

When the boy grew up and had his own first child, a baby girl, she inspired him and his wife to start a baby products business. It didn’t take them much time to find a suitable name for the trademark. So, in January 2010, the Littlemico® brand was born in Copenhagen with the introduction of the company’s first product – the Littlemico Baby Wrap Carrier